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Hundreds of great broadcast journalists are on Happs. Find broadcasters to follow or see who’s broadcasting live on Happs right now. You can comment and ask questions within live broadcasts, up-vote and share videos, follow journalists to get notifications when they go live, and support their work by sponsoring them.

The best way to broadcast

Use Happs and you’ll be able to:

  1. Livestream from the scene of breaking news.
  2. Conduct interviews with multiple guests.
  3. Enhance your broadcasts with graphics, b-roll, upper thirds, pop-up facts, and other on-screen elements.

  4. Reach your followers across all of their social media platforms simultaneously.
  5. Monetize your broadcasts.
Who broadcasts on Happs?

David Shuster

is an Emmy award winning journalist best known for his work at NBC News and MSNBC. He can be seen every weekday on Happs covering politics and breaking news.

Jason Carter

is a journalist and producer that has appeared on The Young Turks, HLN, and CNN. He can been seen every week on Happs discussing the week in entertainment on The Cold Pop Truth.

Alex Mohajer

is a political writer and commentator (HuffPost, USA Today) who hosts the AM Report on Happs every weekday. He discusses politics and interviews candidates running for office.

Almond Li

is a trilingual broadcast and digital storyteller. She pursued a Master in Journalism at USC and was inspired to become a journalist by the Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong.

Tolulope Adeleru-Balogun

is a political journalist in Nigeria. She is a CNN Journalism Fellow who has worked with Voice of America, the BBC, and Google. She interviews experts throughout Africa on The TAB Report.

Liza Donnelly

is a cartoonist and writer for The New Yorker, The New York Times, CBSNews, etc. She is the creator of a new form of visual journalism featuring live digital drawing. She draws news events while engaging with her audience.

Gage Shaw

is a storm chaser who works for KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma. He broadcasts from inside active hurricanes and takes viewers inside the eye of the storm. He also chases all types of weather throughout the US.


is a collective of broadcast journalists across the USA who have deep experience reporting on national and international news. Their daily 15-minute newscast  delivers informative exchanges covering the day's top stories.

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Happs’ mission: Empowering broadcast journalists

The existing live news model is broken. It's geared toward a profit-driven motive that overemphasizes entertainment value and depends on fear and rage in order to drive ratings. Happs provides an antidote.

Happs is a community of broadcasters sharing, in real time, everything newsworthy that's happening globally. Happs enables journalists to expose stories and truths that need to be heard in the interest of serving social justice and transparent democracy. If you want to see what's happening on the ground around the world at this exact moment, or tune into informed discussion on these subjects, Happs is the place for you.

We believe in journalists and want to empower them to do their best work. Right now, too many journalists are frustrated and feeling forced to work within a broken framework. They’re tired of working for media companies that care more about profits than quality journalism. We champion these journalists because society needs people informing us, speaking truth to power, and exposing things that would otherwise get swept under the rug.

Also, many experts, activists, students, and citizen journalists (not to mention viewers) are tired of the news business being a closed circle of people who all think the same way and feed each other the same stale information. As an open platform, Happs changes that equation and lets everybody participate. Plus, viewers can interact directly with journalists and their subjects in a way that’s completely different from the current live news model. Fresh voices means fresh perspectives.

Happs makes broadcast journalism an open source system. It’s radically inclusive; if you share our values for good journalism, a reverence for the truth, a respect for others, come broadcast and watch on Happs.

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