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On Happs, viewers subscribe to broadcasters to get notified when they go live. During a broadcast viewers can comment, ask questions and directly support broadcasters financially.

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Who broadcasts on Happs?

Olivia Thai

is a musician based in Los Angeles. In addition to being on American Idol season XV she has over 21 million views on YouTube with over two million fans worldwide.  Join Olivia for her weekly show on Happs, "Music and Chill."

Ohimai Amaize

is a Nigerian journalist in New York focusing on politics, global affairs & human rights. Join him for his weekly show on Happs, "The Fix with Ohimai Amaize."

Chantal Hoogvliet

is a Paris based fashion producer with a daily vlog where she covers travel, lifestyle and art. She hosts a weekly show on Happs called "Around the World with ChantalTV."

Alex Mohajer

is a political writer and commentator (HuffPost, USA Today) who hosts the "AM Report" on Happs every weekday. He discusses politics and interviews candidates running for office.

Bobbi Bicker

is a multi-dimensional artist, educator, content creator and freelance journalist covering Art, Culture, Beauty and Fashion.

Peter Sterne

is a journalist based in Brooklyn and the host of “Sterne Look”, a talk show on Happs about media and politics. He was previously a reporter at Politico and a senior reporter at Freedom of the Press Foundation, where he helped launch the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker.

Liza Donnelly

is a cartoonist and writer for The New Yorker, The New York Times, CBSNews, etc. She is the creator of a new form of visual journalism featuring live digital drawing. She draws news events while engaging with her audience.

David Shuster

is an Emmy award winning journalist best known for his work at NBC News and MSNBC. He can be seen every weekday on Happs covering politics and breaking news.

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Happs’ mission:

Our mission is to connect broadcasters around the world, empower them to build communities and enable them to earn income directly from their fans.

Happs is radically inclusive; if you share our values for quality content, a reverence for the truth, a respect for others; we invite you to come broadcast and support other creators on Happs.

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