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Broadcast like a pro

Happs offers professional broadcast tools that make your newscasts look like those seen on major news networks. You’ll stand apart from the crowd and look better than streams seen on other livestreaming platforms. What Instagram does for photo filters and TikTok does for video editing (i.e. make those things no-brainers), Happs does for enhancing live broadcasts.

Reach more viewers

The Happs platform allows you to easily connect social media accounts so you can simultaneously reach your followers across platforms (Twitter, Periscope, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) with a single live broadcast. Plus, Happs shares your broadcast with the wider Happs audience giving you access to a whole new set of viewers beyond those you already reach.

Get paid to broadcast

Happs lets you monetize your broadcasts directly via payments from viewers who want to support your work. No longer must you rely on media companies and/or advertisers to subsidize your journalism. We’ll take care of the hard work so you can focus on your journalism broadcasting. And we only get paid when you get paid. Print journalists are increasingly seeing the benefits of connecting directly to their audience via services like Patreon or Substack, Happs provides an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for broadcasters who are looking to do the same.

Interact with viewers

Happs aggregates comments from your various social media platforms and enables you to engage with your audience regardless of their platform of choice. No need to pick and choose between Facebook Live, Periscope, or anywhere else. Happs gives you access to everybody at the same time.

Collaborate with peers

The Happs community is filled with like-minded journalists, experts, and broadcasters live streaming from the scene of breaking news and current events. Join up and you’ll have direct access to a wide range of broadcasters whom you can interview, ask for advice, and collaborate with on stories.

Eliminate the gatekeepers

Frustrated by the way media organizations control broadcast journalism? Happs takes the middleman out of the equation, allowing journalists to tell the stories they want to tell and connect directly with the people who want to watch them. Any broadcaster anywhere in the world can access Happs for free and decide what to broadcast. The result is an egalitarian, democratic approach to journalism that empowers both journalists and viewers.

Speak freely

Corporate-controlled journalists have to live in a world that often cares more about profits than people. They can’t always tell the truth about their parent companies (or other subjects). Happs allows journalists to be independent and transparent in a way that journalists who work for corporations can’t. The result is a safe haven for truthtellers and independent voices.

Go beyond the sound bite

A three minute standup segment doesn’t provide time for nuance and in-depth reporting. Happs allows journalists to broadcast for 3, 20, or 60 minutes, or whatever it takes to get the story right. When you use Happs, you don’t have to play the sound bite game.

Choose the format that fits

Happs supports a full range of broadcast journalism, from newscasts covering the day’s events, to scheduled shows addressing a specific topic, to live “on the scene” broadcasts of breaking news. It’s not aNo more one-size-fits-all approach, and you can get as creative as you want using our tools and network. required.

Biases revealed

Let’s be real, journalists have biases (just like everyone else) and it shows up in the stories they choose to cover and how they tell those stories. At Happs, we want journalists to feel free to reveal those biases so viewers can evaluate their reporting with the proper context in mind. The notion of unbiased journalism feels increasingly archaic in today’s day and age. Happs offers a path for journalists to be themselves and for viewers to make informed decisions about the news they view.

Fight fake news

There’s truth embedded in the act of going live; it’s the rawest form of journalism. Livestreaming the reality of what’s happening on the ground is the antidote to fake news. While it's easy to edit a filmed piece to shape a story and push an agenda, it's very hard to do that live. By going live, Happs lets you give viewers “the raw intel.”